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Proposal for Skopje Spring Congress 2020 03 - 05 April 2020

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Submitted at Friday, 6. March 2020 um 11:53 Uhr, in category "Chapter 6 – Climate Action, Energy and Natural Resources" with No. 603. Author/s: "Jonge Democraten - Abel Hartman Co-signed: JNC, Radikal Ungdom, European Youth of Ukraine.

The Skopje Spring Congress 2020 may decide:

A European Railway Authority


  • As per the Paris Agreement, the EU aims to reduce CO2-emissions by 50-55% by 2030;
  • A large part of global CO2-emissions are a result of air traffic;
  • Individual EU member states have expressed the desire to cut back on short-haul flights in favour of railway transport;


  • High-speed railway travel is the best alternative to short-distance flights; 
  • The highly urbanized European continent is ideally suited for a large-scale high-speed railway network; 
  • Greater physical interconnection between central and regional parts of the European Union are beneficial for both economic development of these regions and the cultural understanding between them;
  • National high-speed railway networks often do not connect in an efficient international network; 
  • National railway and train systems are often incompatible on a technical level; 
  • The development of railway infrastructure is an expensive affair; 
  • Negotiations between nation-states about these infrastructures will become increasingly difficult as the number of participating states increases;


  • Commit to the establishment of a European railway authority which can supervise the negotiation and development of a European high-speed railway network connecting the major cities and urban regions in the European Union and exploring going beyond, to countries such as Ukraine and Moldova;

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Attention: The preview is without line numbers and not the officiall version. The official text is included in the proposal book for Skopje Spring Congress 2020 03 - 05 April 2020.

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