Proposal for Spring Congress

Proposal 301

LYMEC Spring Congress, April 05.-07., 2019 in Brussels

Author: ELSN Esther Steverding (LHG)

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The Spring Congress may decide:

1European Student Card


3- we have more than thousands of different student cards within Europe


5- there is one card that is valid all over Europe

6- increased mobility for students within Europe and with it less bureaucracy

7- access to all higher educational services around Europe (e.g. library, canteen)

8- data is saved digital and coded after the latest standards

9LYMEC calls for

10- a European Student card and every student can decide on her own if she wants to have one
11and which information shall be stored

Attention: This is a preview! The official text is printed in the proposal book for Spring Congress 05. - 07. April 2019.