Proposal for Spring Congress

Proposal 105

LYMEC Spring Congress, April 05.-07., 2019 in Brussels

Author: Venstres Ungdom, Co-sign: Radikal Ungdom, JOVD

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The Spring Congress may decide:

1Sunset clause on legislation

2Considering that:

3●   The European legislation grows with hundreds of new statutory instruments, laws and

4directions every year, upon lots of already existing legislation.

5●  In this moment there are no stimulus for the parliamentarians to review the existing legislation.

6●  Sunset clause already exist on part of the EU legislation, namely in branch of medicine.


8Believing that:

9●  Old legislation are often outdated and no longer relevant for the member states

10●  That tons of old and irrelevant legislation makes the European Parliament more complex and

11harder to explain for citizens.

12●  Relevant and up to date politics and legislation gives the politicians better opportunities to

13change the existing politics, which secures a national anchoring in the European system.

14●  To ensure growing support for the EU, it's legislation has to be updated and reflex the time we

15live in.

16●  True democracy is transparent for its citizens.


18Calls for:

19●    an expiration date on 15 years for EU legislation, with the possibility to mandatory review


21●    MO's of LYMEC and it's candidates for coming elections to campaign for a sunset clause

22both national and international.



Attention: This is a preview! The official text is printed in the proposal book for Spring Congress 05. - 07. April 2019.