Proposal for Spring Congress

Proposal 901

LYMEC Spring Congress, April 05.-07., 2019 in Brussels

Author: Junge Liberale JuLis

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The Spring Congress may decide:

1The relationship with Turkey under assessment

2Considering that:

17Recognizing that:

18-    In 2016, the European Parliament passed a resolution requesting the European Commission

19to suspend the accession talks. In 2019, a European parliament committee voted to suspend the
20accession talks.

21- The EU General Affairs Council pointed out that Turkey has been moving further away from the

22European Union and the negotiations are not leading anywhere, stating that "no further chapters
23can be considered for opening or closing".

24Believing that:

25-    The people of the member states of the European Union and the people of Turkey deserve

26more than political stalemate. Since an accession seems to be out of question with regards to the
27political development and the human rights development in Turkey, other dialogue channels
28should be opened in order to foster the discourse between the EU and Turkey.

29- To keep the accession talks open without any chance of success in sight is not fair - especially

30not to those within the Turkish civil society who are affected by the recent political development
31and must fear oppression.

32The European Liberal Youth calls for:

33-   The stop of the EU-accession talks with Turkey.

34-    An assessment of common grounds as the basis for a new, strategic partnership which does

35the people of Turkey and the people of EU-member states justice.

36- to remain in dialogue with Turkey. This dialogue should take place not only at diplomatic level,

37but especially at civil society level as well as on the industry and business level.

Attention: This is a preview! The official text is printed in the proposal book for Spring Congress 05. - 07. April 2019.