Proposal for Spring Congress

Proposal 203

LYMEC Spring Congress, April 05.-07., 2019 in Brussels

Author: European Youth of Ukraine (EYU), Young Liberals (YL), Joventut Nacionalista de Catalunya (JNC), Ógra Fianna Fáil (OFF), Svensk Ungdom (SU), Jong Vlaamse Liberalen en Democraten (Jong VLD), Fédération des Etudiants Libéraux (FEL), Junge Liberale NEOS (JUNOS), Jonge Democraten (JD), Venstres Ungdom (VU); Spokesperson: Kateryna Melnychenko

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The Spring Congress may decide:

1Resolution on condemning the persecution and torture of
2journalists and activists


4- UN resolutions on safety of journalists, in particular Human Rights Council Resolution

5(A/HRC/RES/33/2) on the Safety of Journalists (2016), the UNGA 3rd Committee Resolution
6(A/C.3/72/L.35/Rev.1) on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity (2017), the Universal
7Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the
8Helsinki Final Act, the European Convention on Human Rights and EU Treaties;

9Recognizes that:

10- over the past decade, according to information of Committee to Protect Journalists, more that

111337 journalists around the world were murdered for bringing news and information related to
12corruption investigation to the public;

13- in reviewing the facts of persecution within and out the EU, Daphne Caruana Galizia, was blown

14up in her car on Malta (2017); activist Nikolai Andrushchenko from Russia was attacked and
15afterwards died (2018) for reporting on issues provocative to the Russian regime, including
16corruption; Slovak journalist Jan Kuciak was shot dead (2018) for investigating probabilistic
17political corruption; Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova was raped and murdered (2018) for
18reporting on the investigation into corruption involving EU funds; Ukrainian activist and civil
19servant Kateryna Gandzyuk, was drenched with acid and died (2018) in hospital;


21 - that journalists and activists are murdered in fight for truth representing anti-corruption news in

22violation of international/regional and national provisions on freedom of speech and expression;

23many of the killings are not investigated and the perpetrators are rarely identified;


25- that journalists and activists have the right to hold opinions and to impart information without

26interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers due to international and European
27standards on human rights;

28LYMEC calls on:

29- the ALDE Party and LYMEC Bureau to lobby within the ALDE Group of the European

30Parliament to support the proposal for a regulation on condemning the persecution and torture of
31journalists and activists, as well as to monitor the compliance of EU member countries with the
32provisions of the European Parliament resolution on media pluralism and media freedom in the
33European Union (2017/2209(INI)) of 3 May 2018;

34- its member organizations to bring the topic into discussion in their respective mother parties,

35partner organizations and government bodies;

36- the EU institutions to defend the legitimate rights of European citizens and to condemn any

37violation of their freedoms.

Attention: This is a preview! The official text is printed in the proposal book for Spring Congress 05. - 07. April 2019.