Proposal for Skopje Spring Congress 2020

Proposal 202

LYMEC Spring Congress, April 3 to 5, 2020 in Skopje

Author: LYMEC Bureau, Radikal Ungdom, Joventut Nacionalista de Catalunya, JUNOS, Venstres Ungdom, JOVD (drafted by the policy renewal working group)

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The Skopje Spring Congress 2020 may decide:

1Recognise Same-Sex Marriages in the EU

2This resolution archives Resolution 2.10 on "Recognise Same-Sex marriages in the entire EU".

3Gender and Sexual Rights, Civil Liberties, Social Rights

4For consideration on the annual Congress of the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) in

5Skopje, North Macedonia on 3-5 April 2020

6Considering that:

7- Same-sex marriages are still not legal in a number of member states of the European Union.

8Other regulated forms of partnerships, such as civil unions or registered partnerships, are
9available to same-sex couples in several member states, but often do not afford the same scope
10of rights as marriage.

11- Some member states do not legally recognize same-sex relationships at all, and in some

12member states, the constitution limits marriage to heterosexual couples.

13- Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is incompatible with liberal values.

14- While the status of contractual interpersonal partnership is a fundamental concept in family law,

15there are no legitimate grounds to restrict the freedom to enter into such an agreement on the
16basis of sexual orientation, and therefore all contractual interpersonal relationships deserve the
17same respect, recognition, rights and aid in all countries of the European Union.

18- The free movement of individuals is at the core of the founding values of the EU.

19LYMEC calls for:

20- all family legislation and family recognition on a European level shall include same-sex couples,

21affording equal treatment of all contractual interpersonal partnerships by the European Union.

22- all member states to recognize same-sex couples who have married or entered into a civil

23union, cohabitation or similar arrangement in another member state, even if the member state
24does not itself perform such marriages or arrangements. 

25- That the European Commission step up its actions in enforcing the existing anti-discrimination

26policy in case of violations in a Member state or a EU candidate country.

Attention: This is a preview! The official text is printed in the proposal book for Skopje Spring Congress 2020 03 - 05 April 2020.