Proposal for Skopje Spring Congress 2020

Proposal 001

LYMEC Spring Congress, April 3 to 5, 2020 in Skopje

Author: LYMEC Bureau, Radikal Ungdom, Joventut Nacionalista de Catalunya, JUNOS, YMRF, Venstres Ungdom, Svensk Ungdom, JOVD, Jóvenes Ciudadanos (drafted by the policy renewal working group).

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The Skopje Spring Congress 2020 may decide:

1Motion to Archive Resolutions in Chapter 2

22.11 on Ending the Discrimination of Young Gays and Lesbians in the Accession

3Countries-  To be archived

4Justification: The EU enlargement process already includes an obligation for candidate

5countries to provide protect LGBTI people from discrimination. According to ILGA Europe itself,
6the umbrella organisation for protection of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people in
7Europe, enlargement “...can affect LGBTI rights significantly... Over time, this process brought
8with it a gradual shift in how LGBTI issues were framed – now they are viewed as a matter of
9rights, rather than a question of morality. As a result, most candidate and potential candidate
10countries have rather advanced legal protection against discrimination and violence.” Thus, the
11premises of this resolution are obsolete.

122.12 - on Freedom of expression as a core to a liberal society - To be archived

13Justification: This resolution, albeit touching on a principled position of LYMEC is built entirely

14on the premises of a concrete case of protests against religiously sensitive cartoons published in
15Denmark in 2006. In addition, after scrapping the case-specific references, this resolution leaves
16out contradicting statements such as “Noting that the price of freedom of expression is the
17publication of material that may be offensive to some groups” but at the same time “Urges all
18those in a position of responsibility in the media to show respect for the beliefs of all citizens”, so
19the text covering an old case and having discrepancies in its stands is not worth preserving in the
20modernized version of the policy book. Therefore - recommendation: A new proposal could be
21tabled at a future congress. 



242.14 No Naked Scanners! - To be archived
Justification: This resolution was adopted in 2010, whereas in November 2011 the European

25Commission adopted an EU legal framework on security scanners which have been integrated
26into the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1998. Since there are now EU
27provisions in place setting up the framework of naked scanners so the procedure is not
28unnecessarily intrusive, this resolution’s premises are outdated and need to be archived.

292.18 The situation of Human Rights in Russia-To be archived

30Justification: Although the human rights situation in Russia is a topic definitely, worth of

31attention, this specific resolution does not give a thorough overview, but focuses specifically on
32the impact on human right of the Sochi games of 2014. Recommendation: A new proposal to be
33considered at a later stage. 

342.19 Resolution on Belgrade Pride-To be archived
Justification: This resolution of 2012 is very generic in its content and does not provide thorough

35policy. The working group is therefore on the opinion that the resolution should be archived to
36make way for a new, targeted text whit specific and updated references.

372.20 Resolution on Turkish Interference in Fosterage -To be archived

38Justification: This resolution of 2013 is tackling a specific case a fight over custody and

39fosterage over a Turkish boy named Yunos, when Turkey was trying to meddle, providing
40support to the biological mother, of Turkish origin. The case is too specific to necessitate keeping
41it in the LYMEC policy book. 

422.22 Freedom from Rape -To be archived

43Justification: While the topic of sexual violence and sexual attacks is one taht deserves proper

44attention, this particular resolution does not live up to the task, as it not only focuses on an old
45specific case, but the premises of the text are almost entirely focused on countries outside of
46Europe - e.g. India na Egypt, whereas rape and sexual harassment continue to be a serious
47issue in Europe too. Recommendation: A new proposal to be considered at a later stage.



502.24 A Call for a Change in Vatican Policy -To be archived
Justification:Where the topic of freedom of abortion is an important one, the Working group

51finds that it should not be looked at through the prism of the position of the Vatican, especially in
52view in upholding secularism. The attitude the state towards abortion should rather be put in
53question. Recommendation: an up-to-date LYMEC policy on the right to abortion to be



572.25 Stop the Islamophobia and Respect Religious Diversity - archived with the updated

58proposal of R 2.23

592.26 True Religious Freedom in the EU - archived with the updated proposal of R 2.23

60!!! To be noted - 2.43 – Blasphemy is a right, freedom is not a crime - is also archived with

61the updated proposal of R 2.23

622.27 Resolution on Democracy in the Italian Republic- to be archived
Justification: While the title of the resolution sounds somewhat fitting to the current reality, it

63dates back to 1994 and reflects a very dated state of affairs.



662.28 On the new Hungarian Constitution Democracy - To be archived

67Justification: This resolution reflects the adoption of a new Constitution in 2010. Following a

68consultation with TizenX, it appears that while some of the points in the resolution are legitimate,
69after 6 additional constitutional changes, the points listed do not touch on the most troubling
70developments. Recommendation: A new resolution on Hungary, including the recent
71developments on Hungary’s constitution changes and the art.7 procedure should be considered.

722.29 Urgent Resolution on Bulgaria- To be archived
Justification: This resolution adopted in 1997, 10 years before Bulgaria even entered the EU is

73by far not urgent by now, and depicting a frozen moment in history.

742.30 Resolution on Present Situation in the Russian Federation - To be archived
Justification: This resolution, adopted in 2003 does not reflect any present situation of the

75Russian Federation, and omits key developments over the past nearly 20 years.

762.31 The Political Situation in the Russian Federation To be archived
Justification: This resolution, adopted in 2004 does not reflect any present situation of the

77Russian Federation, and omits key developments over the past 16 years.

782.32, 2.33, 2.34, 2.35  - A merger text with the title “Situation in Belarus” have been

79proposed, merging Resolutions 2.17, 2. 32, 2.33, 2.34, 2.25, so all of these will be
80automatically archived by virtue of adopting the new text.

Attention: This is a preview! The official text is printed in the proposal book for Skopje Spring Congress 2020 03 - 05 April 2020.